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Your Journey Through Grief

Someone you love has died. Your grief journey begins; it is often overwhelming, painful, and frustrating. No words written or spoken can take the pain away. Grief is the inside feelings and emotions you experience when a person has died. Mourning (to mourn) is the outside expression of that grief that is inside. It is important that we mourn and get all the feelings that are upsetting outside of ourselves so that we can heal from this grief wound. We hope this brief article will help you through your mourning and give you some insight and comfort as you work through your grief.       

First of all give yourself permission to mourn:

           Cry, tears are power; tears are the beginning of the healing process

 Talk; find a support person to talk to; one that is non-judgmental-a good   

            Write or journalize

            Join a support group

            Celebrate the life of your loved one with funeral or memorial services, honor   
            on their birthdays or anniversaries.

Feelings and emotions that we may or may not have:

            Shock and numbness usually come immediately after we have heard about the


            Denial and disbelief: “I can’t believe my loved one has died”.

            Fear and anxiety, fear of the unknown, “will I be OK, what about the future?”

            Frustration, disorientation and disorganization

            Anger, guilt, some depression; anger can be directed to other family
            members, professionals, God and friends. Some depression and guilt is very 

Self help tips to help with these emotions:

            Familiarize yourself with these emotions

            Be honest and be patient …go slow

            Discourage yourself from making major decisions about your life

            Take one day at a time

  Make a list of everything you need to do, don’t do it all at once.

  Express your feelings, write about them, or talk to your support person

The Don’ts of grief:

            Don’t avoid your grief, you can’t run from it, go around it, jump over it;

            you must go through it.

            Don’t try to interpret what you feel, just experience it.

            Don’t retreat into your home and isolate yourself; but don’t “keep busy”

  instead of doing the work of mourning.

  Don’t let these emotions run your life.


Remember, you alone need to work through your grief….but you can’t do it alone,

reach out to someone.

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