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Welcome to Grief Matters, an educational resource for caregivers or anyone mourning the death of a loved one.


Our founder and president, Carole McLeod started one of the first bereavement support groups in the St. Petersburg area in 1985.  She is a Certified Bereavement Facilitator and offers a continuing workshop series to various organizations including caregivers, community groups, funeral homes and churches throughout the year.


You can access the Grief Matters workshop schedule, subscribe to the Grief Matters newsletter by signing our Guest Book, find articles, guides and other resources from our website. Thank you for visiting Grief Matters. 


      A Birth Certificate shows you were born

      A Death Certificate show you have died

      A photo album shows you have lived

Goals & Objectives 

To have a place for bereaved people to come to do the work of mourning; and find the opportunity to cry, talk, and share with others about the death of their loved one; to learn to reconcile their grief, and find their full potential in the meaning of life.

  • Provide emotional, physical and spiritual support in a safe non-judgmental environment.
  • Offer opportunities to learn new ways of approaching problems in their grief journey.
  • Allow everyone to explore their many thoughts and feelings about grief in a way that helps to be patient, honest, and compassionate with yourself.
  • Help each one to give themselves permission to grieve in their own way.
  • To give the opportunity for the griever to receive support and understanding while also learning to provide the same to others.

Good Mourning Groups
Our support groups are a place for bereaved people to do their work of mourning. There we find opportunity for group members to share their story, their concerns and feelings all within a safe and confidential atmosphere and in the presence of other people who understand; learning that they are not alone. Through sharing they become empowered to continue their lives without the physical presence of the person who has died.

A newsletter entitled “The Good Mourning News” will be available to receive through email or regular mail. The newsletter will address subjects regarding coping, talking and sharing your grief, It will include a resource list of books and materials updated monthly and a calendar of events.

We offer support presentations to various groups including churches, community/civic groups, work place and community senior centers.
The subjects of these presentations are designed to meet the needs of those attending and participating:

  • Your Journey Through Grief
  • Learning to Mourn
  • What is Grief - What is Mourning?
  • What to Say to a Grieving Person
  • Talking to Children about Grief
  • Getting Through the Holiday Season
  • Grief and the Professional Caregiver
  • Grief and the Workplace

Individual Consultation
Carole McLeod, Grief Matters president and certified bereavement facilitator will meet with persons individually when requested.

WOW GALS (Widows On The Way)
This is a widows’ social group that meets at a different restaurant every month for food, fun and fellowship. It is open to any widow and it is an opportunity to meet others who are facing similar life styles changes. An invitation is either emailed or sent by mail to those who would like to attend. If you are interested, contact Everyone is responsible for their own food bill and reservations are required.

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